Tuesday, 17 November 2009

PD itu port dickson

im back 4rm PD dis eve
12pm 4rm delima 201,telekom resort
went to R&R seremban.n had our lunch.
went to nilai3.to get some stuffs 4 others
hm,so..dis eve i got a call.syafiq akbar ali called.haha..
encik.pergi k :)
PD was okayy.i was nt allowed to b in d sea at all.so,end up being d photographer.played beach ball.
n last nyte.shahrul taught us d mafia wars game.i was a realy bad perompak.haha.my acting was d worst.i got so nervous to b innocent ;) but overall,d game is superb.likeylikey :) truth or dare came ryte afta dat..many scenes happened.they were so funny.thanx to all who participated.n was so sporting wif d dares.likeylikey too ;)

i'll post d pics soon :) either in my fb or here.
so,its tomorow.bye now =)

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