Thursday, 2 February 2012

First episode of 2012.


Here i am writing a post after so FREAKING LONG. Seriously rasa macam forever dah.
Bloggie from the bottom of my heart, i miss writing something here :)
Actually banyak sangat benda nak 'express' kan. Sangattttt -.-
I dont want to miss any significant episodes of my life.
i hold it close to me.
how i wish i have an audio diary, you know those stuff where i just need to tell my story verbally without even typing or actually holding a pen. Wujud tak? .___.

16th January was one of the kind day. Hari dapat result EOS 3.
Nervous dia takpayah cerita lah. The thing is if you pass sem 3, you'll enter sem 4 and straight to sem 5. 

Alhamdulillah. I passed :)
Aku tahu aku pernah aim nak dapat a better grade that what i used to have for last EOS.
Tapi word " Congratulations." tu pun dah membawa kesyukuran yang tak terkata. 
" From a student who barely passed to student who passed." 
" Pass is excellence." 

Antara status facebook batchmate aku yang aku rasa awesome and deserved a high-five :D
But thats doesnt means that im letting go of what i used to aim. InsyaAllah kita carry forward aim itu utk semester depan depan :)

And not forgetting of those who have to resit this February especially You.
I will never stop praying for you. Don't ever try to dismiss yurself :)

January is the month where Sarah Hani will be in Melawati. Ohh yeay :D
And this will be the time where we lepak with some of our dearest friends.

Session with Sabri was a.... shocking one we can say. 
Sabri dah lain. He even wears a V-neck tee now. OMG. haha. Okay  itu bukan persoalan utama sebenarnya -.-
What we can say that, its feels great to have a 'normal' point of view,out of our standard circle of community. At least bukan semua student yang sibuk nak kahwin awal jeeeeeeee. HAHA.
It feels like i am finally gasping for oxygen on the surface of the sea after being drown for so long. Get what i meant? :p No? Yes?

Oh well don't get me wrong, its not wrong to have those ideology of early marriage. But im simply saying that, being a medical student, we are always being exposed with such things bla bla bla. (that will be in another blog post :p )

One of the memorable day in Jan would be, ice skating with Sarah, Lokman, Ariff and another two friends Alan and Hariz. Ariff dah pro, ice hockey player lah kannnnnnn. Bunyi macam hot kannn. kannnnn?
Hurmmm... sikit lahhh. nasib baik kau sama umur dengan adik aku. HAHA. Okay intan -.-

So yeah aim of the day; Fail. Nak belajar mcm mana nak stop time tengah skate tu. Ariff ajar 2/3 skills lah jugak. Tapi aku mcm takut nak try. Rasa nya ni macam dah kali ketiga aim ni fail time skating -.-

Time kteorang main bowling, aku dengan sarah conclude,
Bila kahwin nanti, kita kena ada satu favourite sport/hobbies as a couple.
Ni semua sebab pakcik dengan makcik yang main bowling sebelah lane kteorg hari tu. They look sweet enough. So yeahh. Cari lah satu eh kawan-kawan. haha.

Alright. till then.

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