Friday, 17 February 2012

rotation bersama pakar bius

so, this is a report from a 3rd year medical student in UWS :) i have completed 2 weeks of awesome-ness anesthetics rotation.alhamdulillah..a few hiccups here and there.but overall,i like it so much! most anesthetist sgt baik hati nk mengajar, n bagi chances for me to cannulate,draw up drugs,administer drugs..seronok!

the nurses pun baik2 juga.(no offense tho, me dislikey male nurses. deyrng mcm x lembut sgt dlm urusan2 kerja..n mcm susah nk get along with.) but yea...two weeks in anesthetics, enough utk build rapport with the staffs in the operating theaters. it feels good when ppl kenal siapa "sarah"..and tanya khabar when we walk pass makes me feel at least welcomed into their own blue scrubs community there..

kerja as a med student in anesthetics rotation mmg mcm kuli org je..but that is fun for me..aku x perlu byk brckp.tgk mcm mana org buat,pick up laju,n then kita buat benda,it was awesome.but sometimes ada gak rsa mcm aku ni bukan med student..but a nursing student =='

i am also very impressed with the budaya mengucapkan "terima kasih" dalam OT. tolong sikit pun,org ckp thank you.seronok tau. with this, i want to thank those anesthetists (yg aku suka je :D) & the nurses yg menerima aku for this past two weeks :')

as an anesthetic med student, aku dpt msuk byk OT yg menarik. mcm O&G,eye surgery,endoscopy. msuk OT yg ada c-sec; most of d times create tears in me.haha. emosi habis,tgk2 new human being wujud in d OT ;) and today,17th feb2011, i was given d chance to cut the umbilical cord of a newborn! it makes me feel like i have "A" virtual connection to that baby.haha.

thank you anesthetics rotation,you made me talk and interact more with the patients.

.me in the lead apron and eye wear laser protection .

alright, ED please treat me well. :)

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