Monday, 6 February 2012

Moving on different track and we can't slow down.

 ♫ ♪ Graduation ( Friends Forever)  ♫  

when we look back now, will our jokes still be funny?
 Ohh well, I hope so :)

Another good friend from our circle is flying away to Melbourne on this 9th February.
And when i thought the phase of me saying goodbye to my dearest friends who are flying abroad is over, here comes Muhaimin ( Min) telling us the good news. He flying off to Melbourne to finish up his Degree for another 2 years. Yeay for him :)

So thats make only Huari and me left in Malaysia for now.

Min seorang yang kalau bercerita amat lah susah nak berhenti. Lagi lagi kalau cerita pasal stuff yang dia suka.
Honestly he talks A LOT, and you can actually start a conversation with any general things with him.
Maybe a mild,kind version of Sheldon Cooper i can say :p
Ahhhhh. Im gonna miss him in our future meets. Seriously.

Trademark Min yang sangat prominent,

Bila reply tweets kteorg ke, mesti dia insert LOL.
Lepas ni kalau ada birthday, siapa nak tulis ' BSURSICUB4' on the kad.  Satu lagi trademark Min bila wish birthday kteorang :D

He's not coming back for long holidays within those 2 years.
And i just realized that, for all of us to gather around at the same times, will be more difficult soon.
With  Sarah and Min in Aust, Nadia, Yazmir and Sue in India and finally Azri in UK, only He knows when.

cc: Sarah Hani.
 Lagi susah lah kau nak plan date tunang dengan kahwin kan? :/
haha :D

Okay Muhaimin Yusman, if you're reading this, ' Be as you are as i see you before.'
Kalau nak bawa balik wife orang sana, please inform awal-awal.
Kalau nak bawa balik boy friend mat salled pun, kena inform juga.

Tapi regardless what, bawa lah balik segulung ijazah Kejuruteraan untuk kebanggaan ibu tersayang ♥

P.s :Ohh lupa, solat jangan tinggal ye.

Pp.s: Hah okay,baru lah lengkap blogpost ni :P


Azri Jasni said...

Trololololol. THIS.

12345:) said...

Im waiting for you Min's tribute post azri :P


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