Tuesday, 22 September 2009

raya ke-three

honestly, its been a while since i post anything. entahlah.
its like too many things to write about, yet dunno know how to start it off. and end up with nothing. but then since semalm sarah dah tegur, so here i am writing these words.
its gonna be random. and crappy.

1. esok ADI JUFRI fly ke Poland. omg, bye bye adi. seriusly i knw how nervous you are right now. i wish i can send you off. tp bak kata yazmir,"relax sudahh. bukan dia tk balik."
so take care kawan. balik msia,practice ckp polish dgn aku okay :)

2.its been officially SIX days since i last heard from you. its not the ego that hold me back to call or text you. you must be pretty mad about IT right. so, i guess better fr me not to reach you at the moment.

3.RAYA? conflict raya itu wajib. immune dah. up,down. complete mood. upload some pictures on FB later.cam cabel gone missing.

4. friend, you are holding my VIP title. yet, please dont take that fr granted. coz at some point, i just cant be your 'clown' all the time. VALUE&CHERISH :)

5.IELTS speaking exam is NEXT weekend. o-emmmm-gyyy. and everytime just thinking bout it, im having this stupid nervous breakdown. sarah jom 'kacau' 'native speakers' yg HOT kt ibukota this friday. test self-confidence. yes, its educational.

five points. enough. GTG now.
*sarah, actualy time ni kau dh msg aku 'after asar kte kuar.okay?' :P
okay. yer,nak siap lah ni. buh-bye people.

maaf zahir batin. for evrything in the past,present and perhaps future.
sincerely,intan nur hadilah


Anonymous said...

intan!! ak jeles ko tulis nme ADI..



intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha. nak jeles apa nya.
ade lg ke nama ADI? :P

nama pun password. asal expose?!

Anonymous said...

alah silap tulis pasword daa~

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