Friday, 25 September 2009

pain is inevitable. suffering is optional.

" Is this the end? why does it feel like we'd only just begun?"

-Is This The End by Zee Avi-

Bukan aku tak pernah, Mengerti dirmu, ku sanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku, Hilangkan rasa itu, Akhirkankan semua, Dan bila kau sedar Aku hilang dari kewujudan"
-Cinta Sempurna by Yuna-

"Can't let go, It's too strong, Just like that, And then you're gone, Is this how, You wanted it to be?"
-Forget About Me by Little Bit-

"No body said it was easy, Its just a shame fr us to part, No body said it was easy, No body said its gonna be this hard"
-The Scientist by Coldplay-

* side effect of being left to survive in major boredom and laziness at home.*
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