Monday, 7 September 2009

more pics nxt tyme ;)

sarah hani reporting ...
what? not even sure which part to blog.too many things happened.til i dunt want to blog about anyting at all.heh.but intan dh,ok ;)
dat was not in my mood.stairs and greetings? wut was dat about.move clas.during phys..i was realy messed up.msjes kept coming in.trying to solve things intan? haha :P eng was d worst.d 'comel,unique' group.was separated.didnt perform at our best.hah ;)
things are getting better.but not at d best.3 tests on dat day.started wif phys,m3 group DI n auckland eng tests.pehh.i was exhausted wen d day ended.n i didnt even realised intn was actually at d pndok BIT dat wonder kina 'stayed back' afta :P overall.d tests? were ok.i think.hopefully tho.
dat morn.was chem lab.again..mood fluctuated.actions happened.etcetcetc.but in d eve.i started to be greeted as a birthday girl.haha.thank you fb 4 reminding them :D
mdnyte.was alryte..i stil hav some unknwn numbers with me.i've yet to figure out d ada org ni plak.g off hp..haih :p
m3 test on dat dy too.went to clas.greetings here n there.thank you :) msjes were flowing.haha.seronok.kina came in.bwa one paper bag.n insisted me to open in,ok.thank you kepada org yg terlibat :P rahael n zaty gave me a personal pressie.thanx korng :) me n tikah got d traditional birthday song in clas.afta clas.
straight home..mumy,along n adik.seems so room was decorated with birthday banner,strimmers and balloons.along said she got all those stuffs from bangsar.wheras i think she bought it 4rm any pasr mlm.hah.fb wall posts were too many.honestly, i felt tired replying those wishes.haha.thank you tho :)
d nyte part.i slept was like 11.3pm.when i heard some noises outside.intn was dere.she came.thank you :) she insisted me to take many ppics.i was so sleepy.haihh.layan je r :P she brought cupcakes n also my new fren.sheepy nama nya.haha.v 'sprayed paint' my room's wall.graffiti r konon.haha.she didnt sleep over.
intan came again in d eve.others were out.she came.n edited d left over birthday pics :) oleh sbb sarah hani terlalu mlas nk buat itu semua.hah.den i took a motorbike ride wif her.ended helmet flew off when i was speeding? haha.seronokk.ptg itu.pergi bazaar
i got a msj.fatin sakit.g hosp kn..take care.n get well soon :) last nyte.i had dinner outside wif my family.its like my birthday was fun.n okayy.i got lil excited.wen i saw fazura walking in d same place as i was.haha.den i saw raja azura n fara fauzana too.dey were dere to buka puasa :) rasa mcm artist x))

alryte.fully updated.thank you for reading.
note to self:
puasa dah abis 2mggu dh
nk msuk last 10days dh
perbanyakkn quantity
pertingkatkn quality
Allah dah kasi opportunity ni
jgn lepaskn

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intan.nur.hadilah said...

patutkah aku mmberi coment mengikut hari juga? :)

baikk ckup pnjang. aku dh taw dh hikmah pic wall of fame bleh terdelete1 aku dpt vid motor kau!.haha.


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