Sunday, 20 March 2011

Let it go.


Dah lama gila tak blogging. Sarah pun sama .__.
The thing is im not going to say how hectic my life is, studying and stuff. No no no.
But then the main reason why i've been away from updating is that I've terminate my broadband.

Thus im broadband-less. Mama bagi choices, nak phone or broadband. So yeah, there goes my broadband. BYE BYE. So tak kan nak ber-blogging kat pc IMU lab kan. Segan, orang lain on Learning portal tetiba ada plak tab Tumblr, tab Blog.

Nway, hutang cerita. One fine night tergerak hati nak buat closet clearance. Rasa mcm dah semak sangat closet tu. Abang selalu gila bising dgn kteorg closet baju sampai dua tapi evrytime nak keluar mesti ada dialog, " OMG tkde baju lahh nak pakai.."
and this valid for my sister and me. Im sure ITS NORMAL for you too. kan? ;)

Banyak je baju yang kteorg tahu tak kan pakai dah. either because memang dah muat or basically sebab fashion tu dah tak update. And rasa sgt lame kalau pakai. tapi tak terbuang.
So that night, aku membongkar most of it and separate kan the NEVER EVER GONNA WEAR AGAIN. The funny part was, every piece made me reflect the stories behind it :)

and some of them were;

Baju kurung ni masa sekolah rendah. Time ni mcm trend lah kain yang sarung ni.
So,mama tempah jahit dengan jiran. But then dia silap jahit. Terus mama anti. tak hantar dah dgn dia ever again.

This used to be my fav baju kurung. Pernah tak ingat ada satu masa keluar fashion baju kurung kain crumple yang tak payah iron? i used to wear this over and over again :D

Aku rasa this piece is the most significant of all. My best highschool friends must remember this somehow. Sarah, azri. recall? haha. This piece was my favourite too.
Time form 5, kasturi moment. outing and all. Had to let it go, coz i know i will never wear it again :)

Okay. this piece was because I WILL NEVER EVER BE SEEN OUTSIDE WITH THIS ANYMORE! haha. Azri anti baju ni. and aku pun.
Went for a superb skating day out with Yazmir with this piece. So akan ingat :')

Give this piece away because its just to bottom cut. Remember how bottom cut jeans used to be so famous? ;) But i love this one, because of the pattern. dulu style lah. sekarang mcm, ermmm. weird. haha.

You should try this too. For sure, banyak GILA old pieces of urs that can be give away and save up the spaces. That night mama berjaya kumpul kan 2 box of old clothes :D
We donate these for the Gaza. We care week in IMU. Hopefully it will means something for the unfortunate :)

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