Saturday, 9 July 2011



I am not a person who share my interest in politics. Never in my life i think its interesting. BORING.
I am a girl who care more about who is Fazura's new boyfriend? or when is new season of HIMYM coming out.
But im surrounded by people who passionately and deeply concern and update things bout it.
Kalau tanya abang sikit pasal any issues in politics, dia akan bercerita dengan penuh emosi dan dalam jangka masa yang menimbulkan kebosanan yang terlampau. Serius.

So, yeah im in the minority of Malaysians who would never involve or get any nearer to politics.
I seriously know nothing bout whats really going on in it. Clueless.
But from what i absorbed from people around me who share their opinion bout it, i know its not going on good or in simple word corrupted.
Tapi mesti korang cakap, politik mana je tak corrupted. True.

Since aku just tahu some fact from here and there, so aku rasa aku amat lah tidak layak untuk argue.

Do you think they would take a risky step of having a 'perhimpunan haram' if just sending a memorandum to the Agong would make a change?

Do you really think out of thousand people involve in that, have no brain and would not think of any other softer way of letting their opinion to be heard?

BUT. there will be always be cons with pros. The chaos from it may trouble and harm the public.
That's the ugly truth.

Well, if you want to talk bout politics in the social network ; Facebook or Twitter, be prepare to be bombarded with others people opinion about it. And if you decided to argue with no basic inputs on it, you just make yourself look stupid in the public my dear.

We understand and accept things in different view. 

Whining bout being trapped in the house for the weekend? Roadblocks? Funny.
So your weekend is more significant than your country now? :)
The least you can do is, just stop bullshitting around and make lame jokes bout it.
Because there are people out there who are willing to stands and fight for justice.
For a better Malaysia.

If aku tak kisah, kau tak kisah, then kau nak siapa yang kisah?

p.s: Ohh ye, aku kisah pasal Tahajjud Cinta every Friday, 9pm on TV3. Fazura weh :D
Okay yang ni aku tak kisah kalau kau nak kisah ke tak :)


iduan said...

mantap la weh..terpop-up kat blog kau,dan ini yang aku jumpa..great minds think alike,haha;)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha, wow terharu kau jejak kt blog ni. well, personal view je, tp cool lah kau pun on the same path ;)

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