Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For my twins who is born on different date,

AND SO! 4th September is always considered as one of the TARIKH KERAMAT.
Habis lah kalau lupa. Sebab,


and its her 21st birthday.

Sorry Sarah this year, im literally far far farrrrrr awayyyyyyyyyyyy from you.
Aku tak mampu nak ketuk pintu rumah kau and say, SUPRISEEEEEEEEE! 
Sobs :(

By now, you should have known how i always feel about you, dont you Sarah? ;)
Need to say more? Nahhhh. too lesbo-ish.


Biasa lah me being lame and sometimes too corny. YEAHH. 
I did a GIF for youuuuuu. hehe :P
SERIOUSLY it was.......... lame lah jugak. HA HA.
Buat pukul 1am. Guna iphone apps JE -_-


tak nampak last piece. ishh.
" Take care. I You"

Jauh di mata, dekat di hati.


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