Monday, 8 April 2013

Pimple curse.

intan nur hadilah.

At the age of (going to be) 22, people surrounds me know it well of how pimple and me are very close related.
Of how those P-thingy would affect my life every 'period of the month'.

I would have one, and by this, its not the normal-what-is-there-to-fuss-about pimple.

its the i-can-spot-it-from-miles-away pimple with addition of i-shall-haunt-you-for-the-post acne scar for month or even worst God knows how long.

Its hormonal, and i am so immune with it.
Eventhough i get a lil 'depress' at times.
Tak tipu. ha-ha.

Kak Fay, the pharmacist where i work now
-- That's good. Its means you still young.

Ye lah tu.

And Azri come out with this,

" Jangan tegur pimple orang, nanti dapat kat kita."

So one day, after my day-off of the week, coming back to work. Instead of saying,
" Hi we miss you!" --

Kak Fay looked me in the face and said,

" Hey you got a new pimple."

And i was like, " Oh god, NO YOU DID NOT SAID THAT!"
Sambil cepat cepat amik cermin and fikir weh obvious sgt ke, walaupun fakta nya dah lama pun tahu.

The next day,

She came to work with a quiet a huge pimple on her nose. And complaint of how self-concious she is at the moment.


tu lah orang dah kata. Its a curse.
Its my 'curse' :p

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