Saturday, 5 April 2014


That was my sketch 4 days post missing 

This is just another blog post, to remind myself what i felt/saw throughout the search for mh370.

It was a tragedy--- 

I remembered the first day when the news were circulating through social medias
Told the girls.
I thought it was a random joke. Turned out it is NOT a joke.
Not funny at all.

I have been following the updates through twitter.
More so through "star online"
Kinda reliable information.
Didnt want to rely on random facebook posts for updates -- too much crap in there

Being overseas, people are more curious when they are informed that i am a Malaysian. Other friends had to endure certain speculations made by the colleagues. 
I chose to keep quiet most of the time whenever discussions over coffee about the missing plane came about.
-- also remembered seeing the malaysia's ministers' faces at the front pages of daily newspaper/ during the prime time news..

There were so many posts and theories circulating through the net
To be honest, i read most of them. 
Thought about the possibilities of such theories.. Denying most of them.
Deeeeep inside me, i would still want to believe it has safely landed somewhere. 
Just anywhere...


17days post missing, i went to bed after reading the statement in twitter "there was going to be an announcement from the msia's prime minister at 10pm (msia time)". I told A and we went to sleep with the thought "it wont be good"
The next am, all the social medias were flooded with condolences. I was devastated. 
Mh370-south indian ocean. Goodbye. 

I do not know anyone on board personally, but it feels close to heart, more so because it is an aeroplane that carries the national flag of my country. 
To the family members who are affected by this tragedy, i am sorry for your loss.. Truely do.šŸ˜”

Sarah hani.

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