Saturday, 20 March 2010

just one STUPID mistake.

why why why (!)

last night, i did something really,like effing stupid. if i can actually write THOSE WORDS here. i will. SERIUSLY. cause its really stupid that i wish i can actually rewind to the moment i clicked that "delete permanently" button. okay apa jadi actually? takpelah buat sakit hati je cerita. tapi lagi sakit hati orang yg baca. kalau tk nak cerita awal-awal baik tak payah start post weh. alright, sabar lah :(

i ACCIDENTALLY delete my Pictures folder in this laptop. and ini bukan delete yg masuk recycle bin then boleh restore tu eh. if its like that, i wont bother to write bout it. this is PERMANENTLY. no, its not another case where im being overreacted. that Folder was the soul to my laptop. dalam tu tersirat nya segala memories yang di-captured. Daripada zaman high school, every outings, pictures Raya, holidays, events etc.

Every single picture was deleted.

and some of them were meant to be my one and only collection. The moment i realised it, it was just too late to cancel it. sedih dia tak terkata okayy. mungkin takde sesiapa yang akan faham. its okay. you and i have our different way of dealing it. Even though a friend tried his very best to retrace and restore those pictures. tapi boleh kira guna jari lah berapa je yg tak corrupt lagi :'(

those pictures keep my past alive form time to time.
and yes, I'm a very sentimental person.
enough said.

- intan nur hadilah


sarah12345 said...

i might nt be able to re-live the past mments for you to im sure.u'll b able to create new ones to replace those
tabah eh wei.a mistake.yg x diduga :)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

okay sarah hani. mil ckp, as long as we still have each other, the memory will never dies.

haha. okay when its came frm him, aku selalu rasa tk boleh blah :p

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