Thursday, 24 June 2010

1 semester down.9 more to go

yea..the title says it all x) i was inspired by an accounting student who put her fb status as "1 semester down 5more to go" n it went.....*kaboom* ouchh on me...a hopeful solid 5yrs medic student..lama juga tu..huu..

so,great.i survived 4months as a pengembara *rasa mcm jaga biri2 la pula-eh chup..tu bukan pengembala ke.ouh who cares* nway..bout dis BM thing here..apparently ernie declare every day is "bulan BM" here.haha.ikut suka yea..v hardly *never* hear australians speak yea..occasionaly kat mall..ada r kdg2 ter-bum into ppl who speaks BM.kalau x senior imu,kwn2 yg lain x) tu je r.haha..

had my finals sem a week sem rasa mcm 'alaa...ujian jun'..nnt december..ko balun nt now..dats nt d case..seriously..d fear of failing..n being called back by mara..dat is almost 90% why v *my housemates included* stayed in our own rooms few weeks before exam..serious..v cmmunicate only wen its dinner time..mcm habis je mkn.smua msuk bilik..i,smetymes wonder..apa laa deyrng buat dlm bilik..okayy fine.belajar.lagi? duhh....if dey were wondering wat was i doing in my room all along? yea.facebook-ing x lekang dr jari r..kdg2..i just go to d window..n stare to d outside life..smetimes i play with my own shadow n d heater..ouh talking bout clealiness..after a week of completing my room still look in a mess..nota2 bru compile balik smlm.baju2 yg dh almost 3weeks old.bru basuh smlm..

so,a sem here.what have i learnt to become a doc? haha...good Q..i got some answers for d best answer would be "im stil learning.n i will have to continue learning" cheh...jwpn schematic 4 months..i know bits n pieces everywhere.met cadavers once dat day..met real patients in hspital many times..lectures many hours..i did learn smething..n i think some would be very essential 4 me.*again skema.bwahaha :D * study is still a routine..PBL was an eye opening style of studying..awl2 dlu punya r blur cmne nk prepare for pbl..nw.better kott.. okayy.fine :P time dh nk dkat exam..i just copied,pasted seniors notes dey hav notes yg jwb learning objectives siap2..sapa xnk kn...haha..ICM (hospital visits) were pretty interesting..i should be able to take patients history by now..if patient tu sakit dyspnoea, palpitation, bowel movement/vomit, pain. PPD (human development,ethical issues)..haaa..yg ni bosan sikit r..serious..every wed morn..i realised dat i'll b infornt of a tutor who talks a lot..mcm xleh benti..n he expects us to participate in clas..zzzZZ bosan gilaa..yg xle blah nya.australians here.suka meng-ajuk dia..lawak uh..sian pak cik tu.

life for a sem was pretty n time nk dkat exam tu.serious...bosan gila..mcm balik clas,terus terperuk dlm bilik ==' n kalau x time exam gak r.kdg2 lepak kat tmn x) mnum hot choc di luar time mlm..smpai kaki beku sbb pkai selipar je.haha =P oh well.good times.that sometimes accompanied with tears (cz of many reasons) =)

aytee tutup buku 1st sem out of 10 sems *insyaAllah* :)

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