Sunday, 23 October 2011

Simply beautiful.

22nd of October 2011.

Its back-to-nature day with the girl-friends (sisters :p ).
Simply a beautiful Saturday for me. Not only mentioning the fun that we had or the peace of nature surrounding us, but also things that i 'learned' :)

Okay bercakap tentang tempat waterfall ni, Sungai Kanching serius best.
Dekat Rawang, planning of a nature day-out?
 This is one of the best place.
Banyak gila wild monkeys, yg agak garang. And SUPRISINGLY, kteorg nampak babi hutan OKAY. Untuk orang KL yang nampak pig dalam zoo je, so i have the right to give a SUPRISINGLY tone -.-

The higher you climb, the more breath-taking the waterfall is.
So we went up to the 7th level, and untuk orang yang entah tahun bila last exercise, trust me, penat SANGAT.
BUT as Miley said, keep on moving, keep on climbing.


Bila dah sampai atas, tak rasa dah penat naik tangga yang agak steep semua. Especially bila dapat makan ayam bbq yang nak start fire pun kipas bagai nak rak :D

To a sister of ours,

Im glad that i know you. You never know how much i truly appreciate you.
Thank you.  "Uhibbuki fillah" ♥ :')

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