Friday, 14 October 2011

terlalu banyak

lama gila aku x update blog kompilasi ini.and tiba2,mlm ni..aku ada mood nk,anything new that comes up in mind,aku akn start paragraph baru...and we'll see how this post ends up with ;)

aku sedang sibuk prepare utk OSCE finals...lpas 2 mggu,written paper finals pula..serious dilemma,how to juggle in between both.truth to be told, mummy was d one yg buat jadual belajar aku utk mid yr exm aritu.and alhamdulillah, it turned out well..called mummy tdi,n she advised me on some great study plannings..again.thank you,mummy.

mummy and daddy going off for hajj nxt Friday..iA,i'll be home before they all balik.doa utk mummy daddy;supaya Allah permudahkan and selamatkan segala urusan and perjalanan pergi balik haji nnti =)

tompok died on the 5th of sept 2011... a day after i came back to aussie after spending a week raya back fav pet, as much as i loved argus...and to you who drove too fast and knocked my cat,and killed it...deep down my heart,there's still sparks of anger.hikmah terbesar balik raya this yr,is to meet i was really hesitated to go home..just for a week..all expenses on me..classes pun kena,yup..tompok,all that was for you.thank you buddy.i will miss asking about your wellbeing,looking for you if you abruptly gone missing,talking alone at the window;to wish you goodnight if you are asleep outside..i will miss you buddy,and such a special date you were taken away...a day after my bday..every 4th of sept; when i grow older by a yr,i will always remember you are gone another extra yr...Allah bagi pinjam and brought you in my life for almost 10yrs....and now,i am learning to let you go.. :']

aku balik raya tahun ni.secara was really fun & tiring to lie to everyone.and credits to my younger bro who helped me out since d day i bought my ticket home. but at d end,it was not a surprise pun..but its more of making my hopeful mother and sister happy ;) and it has been many yrs since 3 stars are tgether for a raya celebration..nxt yr,sush for me to ponteng class because dh msuk clinical yrs....and d yr after that,iA aiman going off, regret at all balik hari tu;)

oh,cuti winter n 4 other guys pergi canberra..snowy mountain..tried was difficult at 1st...but at d end of d day, i am very hapy that i made the most out of my money spent on d trip ;) and i also had a really back ache,cramp legs and butt due to perlbagai jenis falls i had on the snow mountain.such an amazing experience

baru2 ni punya spring break,me n my frens pergi canberra..4 cars from campbelltown..wakil UWS msian community..sokong harimau malaya..they lost to soccerroos 5-0..biar kalah permainan, tapi mng bersorak.haha.had fun too on that day..

med revue 2011 was much better than last yr's one..i liked the ideas they creative...and another fun night to laugh and be stress free :D

oh...i got to know,ada yg ckp intannurhadilah should own this blog by i am not posting anything up..come on ppl,this is a blog about two best friends who update about their life...maybe not current updates...but me and intan realise that;as both of us grow up and be doctors,and have future family life n etc...this blog will cntinue as our joint venture.anytime kiteorng nk update,we will just write stuffs... :)

okay itu sahaja

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