Sunday, 27 November 2011

my own try and error cooking

Last winter holidays, 2011.
i cooked almost all of my meals (lunch&dinner). i took the chance to try a few stuffs. 
these pics below show how beginner i am in this cooking industry.teehee~

- son in law egg (#1 with sambal tumis-

- maggi goreng, keropok, son in law egg (tak jadi juga)-

- keow teow soup-

- canberra's famous pancake-

- keow teow goreng-

- roti canai and kari ayam-

- seafood platter-

- udang masak lemak,kuah kicap,kubis goreng,sotong and ayam goreng,sambal tumis, sweet potato goreng-

- ernie tried making cupcakes,me&azra tukang hias :D-

- nasi goreng, omelette, ayam bakar, salad, keropok goreng-

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