Monday, 25 June 2012

i called but i didn't wish :)

today is the 25th of june 2012. siapa yang kenal intan nur hadilah (or plg busuk pun, kwn thru her fb....), u'll know it is a special date (cz u might get a notification in ur fb home page). if i am back in Malaysia, i will get something done (cikai2 pun,at least roti canai sekeping :D) .. but it has not been me who celebrated this wonderful day with her for this past 3yrs - tahniah lerr M.... haha.

due to what happened yesterday,24th of june (i'll leave it to intan to MAYBE blog about it anytime later). there is d dilemma of appropriation to celebrate the event today. the whole day, i was thinking how to make celebrate in a subtle way. not to extravaganza (not that i can make it the best day of her life being thousand of kilometres apart tho =='), but just to respect what happened yesterday.

i know intan nur hadilah for approx 7yrs. i dont know her,inside out.but i at least should know (read: expected to know) how she wants today to turn out to be. before yesterday, i can honestly imagine what she wants, d dinner for two, a surprise visit from me (eh? haha)..
but for 25th of june 2012, i dont. we have never encounter such scenario like this before. never talked about it. never thought that such events in life will happen anytime soon. but janji Allah itu sempurna, it will happen when it is the time. 

on the other hand, being 21 is once in a life time moment. you can't TURN 21 over n over again, or choose to turn 21 maybe in the next yr or two. it doesnt work like that. so, i will grab this time spent to blog about your BIRTHDAY intan nur hadilah :)

first and foremost,

last year, i gave you a birthday video. this year, could but didn't (sorry) make it in time to make something big for you. n obviously i cant buy a flight ticket to KUL because i have classes as usual :) the aim to celebrate our birthdays together (to cover up on d last 3 yrs of ur birthdays that i missed, n vice versa too!) at ampang lookout point will always be looked forward too (i dont know when that will happen,but i hope it will happen sometime :D)

a birthday must always come with wishes truely from the here it goes babe.haha
1. may Allah bless your steps taken (n will be taking) to be a better person, in every aspect in life.
2. may you be granted success in exams, n future n life hereafter.
3. strength and courage to go through negative emotions.
4. alot of $$$ (so that we can go holiday together! haha)
5. the guy that is really meant for you,with qualities of a good husband :D
6. may you have good memory capacity to always remember me ;)

alright intan, being 21 is not like being 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20...
more life challenges will come and pay a visit to you. more dramas will happen. more dreams will be created. all the best, kawan baik :)

iloveyou as much as you do.maybe more.haha.

sarah hani signing out.

1 comment:

intan nur hadilah said...

*lap air mata guna lengan baju*

THANK YOU my love <3

*sorry lah commennt lambat. ter-comment dalam hati je. lupa nak express kt coment box. HAHA :pp

intan12345 ;)

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