Thursday, 14 June 2012


a cold winter evening in Sydney :)

alone in my room. feels like blogging about something.but topics that come through my mind are all about studies..whaaaaa o.o i just dont hav interesting topics to blog about.bukan mcm si intan tu,ada je bnda yg dia nk tulis.haha. p/s: thanks for d previous post :')

currently, life di sini x seronok pun. byk kli aku try bygkn either intn dtg belajar sini thun dpn, or aku di malaysia anytime soon. life now is too routine. pagi2 bersiap ke hospital for a dreadful whole morning ward rounds (serious bosan). **imisssurgerytermsobadly* '

kawan lama...kau dah berputus hubungan dgn gadis itu ke?

holding a very tough way.

terasa nak makan char keow teow ada kerang and udang besar.

sudah lah.bye

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