Tuesday, 31 December 2013

13 things happened in 2013

Not numbered in preference.

1. Performed my first delivery in Campbelltown hospital. 
2. Random dancing to beyonce songs moments with roomie
3. The "soul" talk at souled out,ampang
4. Truth about a housie reveals 
5. Left Georgiana crescent, enters harris park
6. Was denied being in a consultation room of a cancer pt; who was the yr3 staff coordinator
7. The so many ups and downs of 121
8. Went to london and paris
9. 4th sept was spent with candles and choc chip muffins
10. Adik, along and mummy visited campbelltown at different times of the year
11. Diagnosed with asthma in july2013 
12. "You dont need to like kids to pass paediatrics osce"
13. "I miss my person" moments

-sarah hani. 

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