Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Life goes on.

intan nur hadilah

Last Saturday, Galway's sun finally decided to shine out bright,
After a few days of storm, strong wind and a 'mild'-20 minutes snow. 
And obviously, its a day not to be wasted inside the house :D


Cukup enam bulan di bumi Galway.
Boleh monolog dengan diri sendiri, 
"Taniah Intan Nur Hadilah, You survived the first six months."

Just need to get done with the studies and exam coming soon.
AND then...... the first summer break. BALIK MALAYSIA! :D
Insha Allah.

Ramai orang nak jumpa.
Banyak benda nak buat.
Panjang dah list things-to-do, food-to-eat.

99 days to go from now

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