Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Honestly no one tagged me in Instagram to do this.
Syukur Alhamdulillah. Even though dalam hati macam sedikit terkilan.HAHA.
But since I just feel like writing a new blog post, and yeah why not kan?
Its a blog anywayyy.

1. My full name is Intan Nur Hadilah binti Purdiono. I secretly have a crush for my own name. Untill I come to Ireland, and the locals cant really pronouce my name. " In-ten" it is.

2. Tak makan kacang. Semua jenis kacang in cakes, ice cream or chocolate, except pecan in maple syrup or kacang tanah. And people WILL ALWAYS think because of the pimples, which is NOT. I simply cant eat it.

3. Talking bout pimples, hurmm. benciiiiiiii. Selalu 'merungut' pasal benda tu. Been having the same problems since I can't remember when. Orang cakap bila dah kahwin, hormone dah stabil. better. HOPEFULLY. and jangan tanya bila nak kahwin.

4. Initially I wanted badly to become a pharmacist because I was madly into Chemistry in high school. But as much I still wonder why I'm a medical student, I know deep inside, Allah has planned the best for me. Insha Allah.

5. When I go out to eat with family or friends, I tend not to 'allow' people to order the same menu on the same table. Pantang sikit, sorry :p

6. Masih mencari identiti warna kegemaran. Anything that look good in any colour in my eyes are acceptable.

7. Senang di-influence oleh orang lain. To some degree.

8. I consider myself as a 'deep' person. And somehow, I get annoyed when people sama kan 'deep' with 'emo'. Its totally two different things (for me.)

9. Mini cooper is my ultimate dream car. Future Husband, take note please.

10. Lost my dear father a day before my 21st birthday. Papa I miss you, always. ♥

11. I always wonder what it feels like to sit on clouds.

12. When I was in INTEC, I totally shut my social life down with the people surrounds me. Ignorance gila. Balik every weekend. But Alhamdulillah, I get over it and my phase of life in IMU can be considered one of my best. Rindu sangat semua orang.

13. I can tolerate heat better than cold. Which is why Winter is surely not my favourite season. No snow in Galway  so takpayah nak " Do you want to build a snow man?" sangat please. HAHA.

14. Sticking to a life principle, " Forgiving do wonders to people. Biar orang buat kita jangan kita buat orang." through my life experience. To forgive and ask for forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. Let yourself know that. Insha Allah kini, dan selama nya.

15. Bila aku gelak, masuk dalam kategori 'gelak asthma.' K fine.

16. I cant swim. Takut air. And I'm pretty sure that I will not be able to for the rest of my life.

17. Bila 'marah' dengan someone, I automatically can't look that person in the eyes even though we are still talking. But sekejap je lah.

18. Not a Facebook person.

19. Still striving to be a better person for myself, my family and everyone. And of course, as a 'khalifah Allah' di muka bumi.


Purposely make the last number empty.
For you to fill it with your own fact about me.


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