Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Changes are inevitable
The only things that are constant in life are changes.

But, do you remember?
You were once 

Someone who told me to have some decent boundaries among the guy friends
Wants me to read and understand the Quran
Asked me almost every day if I've read it, even though my replies were rebellious
"Tak payah lah tanya, kau ni sibuk je lah"
Someone who hates to delay the daily prayers and drawn me to do the same too
Wrote me a short dua to read it daily just because it's a scary world out there
Taught me what to do when I'm terrified of the heavy rain thunders

Do you remember?
You were once a wise person with strong principle.

Years might pass
But those version of you will forever be remembered
Always am --and will always do.

Thank you.

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