Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ignorance is (-nt always ) a bliss

intan nur hadilah

I used to live on 'Ignorance is bliss". 
Unfriend, hide, block.
When you don't know, you dont get hurt.
No anger, no heartache.

Because Im fragile like that.

But this time it was different.
I realised that at one point, 

You need to know the truth.
Escapism isnt always the best way out
Need to see it with your own eyes
Need to face it, by hook or by crook

No matter how much you know its going to hurt or destroy you.
Because at the end of the day,
"Truth hurt but it sets you free."

And you know one thing for sure--
You'll get better in time
Better and stronger. 
With or without a healed scar.

ps: Was browsing through my phone and found there were few random notes I wrote from time to time. And I think its better off fr it to posted here :)

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