Thursday, 1 October 2009

fuel up

so.i am blogging again.a quick post.
hm,finals is so near.
today its 1st oct.2nd nov is my 1st ppr
im juz a panic usual..
but many ocassions do irritate me.n evrytim dat happens.
i juz feel like being isolated 4rm the human population.
hee =)
hm,d stress n tension is building up 4 evryone.
n as 4 me.its worst.i've plans.n i hav to perform for finals.
n hopefully my plan goes well.
praying hard.really hard =)
n lecturers,thank you.for keeping some faith in me
n oh! if i say its a personal stuff.
please dont get near it eh?
thanx :)

along,study hard there!

intan,lepas final aku.kita g jalan2 tau.smpai putus kaki pun xpe.haha ;D

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