Sunday, 11 October 2009

everyone is a story-teller.

ielts over. result?13 days from now.
counting days? nope.

when home after the exam.
in the KTM,
packed with people. diff kind of them.
two Malay girls playing some rOck-kapak songs on loudspeakers.
confuse whether they were trying to show off their phone
or they think everyone would be entertain with their songs.
mereka sangat berani and tidak malu.
something we should respect at. at least.

a group of guys came in frm other station.
spotted few stainless steel on their face.
heard some dramatic phone conversation too.
"u kat mne? nak jumpa tak? *waiting* nak lah BABI! haa kan dh kene."

a guy and a girl standing beside me.facing the door.
she was holding the 'Anne Frank' book with Inti College Subang Jaya label on it.
suddenly, the guy fixed something on his pant. the zip,the belt.
nope, its not normal. its took about 10 minutes.
*pandang kiri, pandang kanan. pandang belakang pun ada. awkward*
the other girl was holding her book in a way blocking her view.
suprisingly, the girl spoke to me, " ishh lelaki tuh mcm tk betul je"
we laughed and the guy stopped, acting normal again. thank you.

conclusion, balik rumah best.

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