Sunday, 11 October 2009

weekend yang ALMOST cukup sifat

4rm my title.u'll weekend in casa.was pretty okay and well spend.i think.haha.hopefully staying back here during d weekends.did benefit me in some,i wont elaborate much about my studies here..same,boring stuffs will be mentioned..but im goin to blog about my day out.yestrdy :) was unit alone in casa. (ala2 home alone.haha).apparently evry1 went away dis,i had nadia's open houz..supposedly at 12pm.i got ready sharp at 12noon.waited...ok delayed.1pm...delayed waiting in kina's unit.were like so impatient to all of us.either had biscuits 4 breafst or didnt eat,v were like living piranhas,i shud,dere were complications in the journey.and confusion in d cars.i think i hit my nose hard on kina's car door.bcz i wanted to b in her car.during both d journeys..*i had my own reasons okayy* so,v reached casa around 5pm.n d mvie was at 5.5pm..n i didnt think v wuld b dere in time.however,v gambled took us around 30mins to reach dere.n v tried d reservation,v got thru.watched d mvie..rather an interesting one.minus those awkward scenes,i,d best part was otw back to d car.haihh.a REAL LIFE experience to note..okayy.dats all i wuld blog.the remaining significant,minor stuffs are left untold here ;)

it was a weekend yang ALMOST cukup sifat
dere r few stuffs i didnt do
n obviously meeting intannurhadilah

will be home this coming weekend
autumn signing of

1 comment:

intan.nur.hadilah said...

aww. miss you to babe.wehhhhhhh
apakah real experience!?
text me!!!!!


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