Saturday, 20 July 2013

A girl with the green apron.

Intan Nur Hadilah.

Oh well, i miss writing. IT' BEEN A WHILE.
Its been a long phase of a life-break before flying off to Galway. And so, I had a part time job

As a sales associate at Vitacare.
Honestly, I am so blessed to have been working here.
Banyak sangat benda yang aku belajar.
Be it medically or non-medical. Most importantly it is about learning more about LIFE.
Met new different type of people. Diff origin, diff background stories, diff attitude.

6 bulan aku kerja kat sini. Tak tahu nak mula dari mana apa yang aku belajar.
In term of medical, mungkin dah lebih familiar with drugs right now. 
Kot lah kan. Ke bujet familiar. 

You know, sometimes being a medical student, deep inside you cant help to feel sort of a superior feeling over other 'ordinary' people. 

So bila kau tengah mop lantai awal pagi, ada customer masuk jalan dengan selamba nya,
Bila kau kena sound dengan customer sebab kenapa hari sabtu takde plastic bag,
Bila customer complain kenapa barang mahal sangat,
Bila ada customer tak pasal nak rude tiba-tiba,

-- You think they care if you are a future doctor? Nahhh. 

So I learnt one valuable lesson, basically kita semua sama.

Meeting and knowing new people is also one of the best things.
Getting the regular customers to know you.
Having to be working in an environment where people you familiar with are so much older than you,
is one of the thing you don't get in college. 
The feelings of entering a mall and feels like you are part of the big family. 

To learnt the hard ways of earning your own money. Every penny of it.
Bukan lah berasal dari family yang berada. 
To not ask money from my mum to buy things that I want is a self-achievement.
Alhamdulillah. Cuba lah kerja, anda akan tahu.

 Dear Kak Azi.

Intan tahu Kak Azi tak kan baca pun ni. haha. But just gonna write it anyway.
You are one of a kind person that I ever met in my life. One of the lovable by everyone.
Thank you for being my big sister for the last six months. 
Ajar Intan buat kerja dari seorang yang noob gila sampai pro lah jugak kan.haha.
Tanpa Kak Azi, tak ceria lah Vitacare tu :)
Hi Yaya. Kak Intan rinduuuuuuuu okay. Belajar rajin-rajin. Jaga Ummi and ayah tau.

Dear Fatin,

My bitching mate.
Terima kasih sebab kita share body languange, eye contact yang sama bila ada abang handsome masuk pharmacy. haha :D
You are cool that way.

Dear Siti,

My angelic darling.
Kte baru kenal awak tak sampai sebulan, but it feels like we are so connected in so many ways.
Be an awesome physiotherapist okay? Lets pray we can work in a same hospital :D

Dear Fay.

I hope you will find that one thing that you love one day, be it whatever job it is.
And thank you for being an awesome manager that understand my craziness. haha.
Like we can still whatsapp and talks about that handsome MO and DKSH guy.
And please, get married and soon and have babies okay? 

Its been an awesome phase of my life
A phase where i can wish to turn back time and be in it for just another day.
Missing it already.

Goodbye green apron. You have served me well :)

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