Thursday, 15 August 2013

Galway,Ireland.Intan Nur Hadilah datang.

16.08.2013 is the date to be saved, date to be remembered by at least me and intan =)

it is going to be a big day for Intan -  flying abroad to further her studies is considered a big event. umur 22 tahun, ini la yang "big event" in life :D Intan will be a

to inform all u readers, flying to Ireland, to do medicine - was my dream masa form 5. intan didnt have any preference to which country to further her studies. but now, dengan izin Allah - the best planner - she is living my dream. Ireland kowtt.haha. eventhough i secretly wish she gets to Australia (UWs to be specific) after her IMU studies.. but that's alright... ireland is where you deserve to be,babe.

the not so nice part is; end of this year (2013), intan wont be in melawati waiting for me to come home :( serious x best.... my person yang teman karok, mamak, cendol, bowling, jalan KL, makan.makan.makan. i know it is not fair to feel that way... she has been waiting for me to come home every year for 3 years... now,it is my time, to wait for her...but our holidays are in totally opposite seasons. her winter is my summer and vice versa. so, intan.sila kumpul duit- mai syd jjune/july2014 tauu. and i'll see what i can do to be at your place when aku lak summer :D panjang umur, murah rezeki aku mai naa.. hihi.

kalau aku gi, aku nak tgkp gmbr kat sini! (rujuk gambar di bawah)

*google image-school of medicine NUIG*

all the best,intan nur hadilah. Leap with faith, graduate as a doctor. and jangan lupa balik malaysia with an Irish accent.! :P take care in Ireland, jangan lupa update aku time to time, and i will be watching you from afar - virtually. kalau kau perlukan apa2,you know where to find me.hopefully, our lives are destined to coincide again-sometime in the future as doctors.insyaAllah =)

Much love, your friend. Sarah Hani.

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intan nur hadilah said...

Much love,
your (best friend in the whole wide world.) friend, sarah hani."


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