Tuesday, 10 September 2013


intan nur hadilah

Akan ada satu perasaan bila-bila aku baca kawan-kawan atau random strangers
bercakap pasal ayah masing-masing.
Either I read it on blogpost, facebook, Instagram or verbally.
I am not sure of what feeling was i talking about,
But for sure its not sad, jealous or anything negative.

Mngkin aku tumpang gembira. "Alhamdulillah seronok nyaa.."
Atau mungkin jugak aku selalu fikir,
" What is it feels to still have a dad now?"

Fitrah manusia, bila dah tiada baru terhengeh-terhengeh untuk menghargai.
I havent done much with my dad untill the age of 22.
But there will always be fantasy of mine,

That I'll take picture of us during my graduation day,
with his proud face on.
That he hug me and silently cry on my wedding day.
That he will be playing around with my (future) children, his grandchildren.

And many more...

" Sometimes you search so hard for the words. You find a way to interpret the language of this heart and the unspoken feelings. But in the end you are left with nothing but silence. And deep down you hope it's understood."

Pandang ke depan.
Jangan salah sangka. Aku tak pernah salah kan takdir or dwell on it.
Alhamdulillah for everything. Tapi tak salah kan berangan kadang-kadang? :)

I love you, hanya Tuhan tahu bagaimana. ♥

I wanted to post something about Galway. Seriously its been days kot.
Maybe during the weekend.

an evening rainbow on our walk home in Galway.

You cant have a rainbow without a little rain.

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