Monday, 17 August 2009

keep quiet. exam mode.

talk to me in ENGLISH
coz im having ielts speaking trials.
on Thursday

count together with me
coz im having MATH test.
on the same day.

im using half capacity of my brain
coz im having BIOLOGY test
seriously on thursday also.

and im envy with sarah at the same time
coz she is having her HOLIDAY.


have fun babe. i'll be back on friday. switching the holiday mode okay.

p.s: opposite charges attract


sarah.hani said...

goodluck kawan baik
semoga anda berjaya
perform again ok

aku cuti,tanpa orang lain
okayy.bosan d rasai :[
*diam.ada sebab :)

mariam zafirah said...

intan. bio thurs jgak! *panicky*

intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha, yes mariam.
i dh btul kan

sarah.hani said...

its just a test
kn intan

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