Saturday, 8 August 2009


dark forces
how do you define one?
thanks for the bus ticket

i want to cntinue this post :)
juz nw.i made myself very clear to sme1.mayb too straight4ward.sory:) but its a reality.
so,yea.a pt to note in our evryday life..

jgn lupa kewujudan kehidupn lpas kebangkitn.
jgn leka dr tugas d dunia ni
berebut skng.x semestinya kawin esk.
if ada jodoh,den ok r

especially to both of u.get ur life in a proper manner.dere's definitely more to life than juz keep on tangling to this issue.or mayb.kalau dh kemaruk sgt, jgn r smpai buat dia sedih.n kau.i'll talk to u soon.

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