Tuesday, 11 August 2009

waking up in shah alam.

yesterday, today.
random one:
found a swimming lizard in the toilet

random two:
At last we went for the FAMOUS ABC-special in seksyen 2.
for a second,abiman hasyim and iqbal seem so fascinated.
yes, im not excluded.

random three
i just realised that i ALWAYS start a sms with 'ohh..'
ohh ye ke../ ohh okay./ ohh maybe./ ohh that day..
sorry sarah,if thats annoyed you.

random four:

faiz on MC today. thats very RARE.
no chem lab partner for the day.

yet,i got the silver mirror result.

random five:

sarah hani miss aiman farhan.

get well soon, lil boy.

random six:
one msg received,

i could have stop this if i didnt love you so much.

1 comment:

sarah.hani said...

nanti aku leh drive.bwa aku g mkn ABC kau yg nmpk sedap itu
*drive? haha.mcm byk je cita2 n angan2.:D

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