Wednesday, 19 August 2009

wednesday 19Aug2009 12.47pm

celik mata pagi tadi
"murung!" jerit hati ku
bengong r.
holiday a week.
holiday apa cmni?
works are all piled up.dang tul.
gas pressure and temperature and volume;
seems so easy.but wif d mark schemes in hand.haihh.its so difficult without any guidance.
in Pre-U stil?
m3 test results.dah terpampang kat BB7.
trials coming.buat bio notes.
phys test ryte afta holiday.
holiday apa cmni?
ouh m3 exercise.matrix.exercise x start lg.
chem,igt nk baca balik polymerisation.blur je bhgn tu.
rabu dh jenis apa?
main game.main facebook.
ada r rasa sikit holiday.
tapi holiday x tenang.?
jumaat;intan balik.g jalan jap r dat dy :)
sunday morn; along balik!:D

ouh! happy 19th birthday
ahmad fakharuddin n ahmad muzzammil
*kawan :)

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