Sunday, 6 December 2009

BP is not normal

blogging before having a mixture of feelings.for nw,most of it r -ve ones.this whole progrm is such a mind disturbing.til now,nothing to look forwrd to.hnestly,none.hopefully this feeling gets better when i meet others tomrow for sure,i'll at least enjoy d absence of my hp n lptop.currently,i cling on them like life supports.try to let them b upstairs while im eating,dwnstairs, is stil enter BTN,lptop wil 4 sure b left at home.dey said hp wil b confiscated too.evntho im a i need to hav a time-out.from these two,alrytee.say yeay! to BTN.i wil resume blogging aftr im done with BTN.
ouh ya.i want to get a diary of my own.d idea to hav one crossed my mind juz now..will start to search for one,soon.

**blood pressure rises

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