Wednesday, 16 December 2009

next move

what's next?
that's mine :)
syukur; alhamdullilah
if others with an offer had their own goals
me,without any? what shud i do next?
angan angan.hopefully tercapai =)

*thank you,Allah.
all i had done.has paid off.

addition notes by intan nur hadilah ;

sorry, too lazy to write on the new post. tumpang okay cik sarah hani.
ohh yeah today! call us LAME but we finally watched 2012.
surprisingly, the hall was half full which didn't make us feel that lame. so,cool lagi :p
comment? sarah maybe we shall save up 1billion euro from now.incase, for the Green pass.
"Repent its not too late". hurmm. *question mark.
semoga angan angan.kau terlaksana :)

i discover a new fact,
kenapa now SEMUA orang rasa mcm they are a good photographer?
yes, picture itu style and smart. happy? :p

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