Sunday, 20 December 2009

Opps! the boredom struck again.

IM freaking BORED.

yes i am.
lets give out some random thoughts. nak?
ohh its a rhetorical question.

because of the rain. pavillion,cancel.
thats include say byebye to so-called snow machine and Zen chocolate cake. next time.

i think michael buble is damn gorgeous. he's like the sweetest guy. he's like the anuar zain. HAHA. yeah,whatever. i know. suka hati saya lah. at least im not whinning about Team Jacob or Team Edward.right? someone, stop sending me invitation of Team Jacob/Edward Malaysia on FB. seriously, i dont care. no,im not lying. i DONT.

i just found out. Mrs.Christina and Mr.Fong are still in Kasturi. damn, i missssss them so much.
he's like i-love-biology-because of you-cause you make biology-the simplest subject-ever teacher. people, can we secretly sneak in to Kasturi someday and take the backseat intheir class? please please. i'll promise i wont make freaking noise. something like; OMG senang gila spm etc.

we played SPEED today. the game with UNO cards? reminds me of high school :D call us lame. i dont care. wait. okay,fine i care. tapi game ni best okay. at least. better than monopoly.
someone is a LOSER. boo you! thanks fr the entertainment. you make me happy by losing. do me a favor. dont ever get better in Speed.okay? :)

lastly, im wasting my time here. seriously. study lah intan! please lahhhhh. M.A- ma. L.A.S-las ? malas. pandai pun. sejak awak simpan buku core math saya, saya tkleh nak belajar. boleh tk pulangkan? :p

okay. out. goodnight intan nur hadilah, sarah hani. dan sesiapa yg berkenaan.

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