Thursday, 7 March 2013

Imaginary family tree.

Hi. Nama penuh - Intan Nur Hadilah binti Purdiono.
Dulu masa sekolah sampai sekarang, mesti orang akan bertanya,

" Ayah awak Indonesian ke?"

Yes, he was. And so my mother.
They had migrated to Malaysia around 30 years ago. 
Way before they had me, and so my first brother.
I'm a traveler's daughter. Two married person migrated to another country that was a complete strange to them and decided to have a life here. Solo, no relatives neither other family members.

I grew up,
not knowing how does it feels to 'balik kampung' during holiday or Hari Raya.
not knowing how does it feels to call someone, 'Mak Long' or ' Pak Ngah'.
not knowing how does it feels to have a nenek that will cook whatever you are craving to eat.

But among the 'not knowing', I am so blessed with a brother, a sister, a mother and a dad ( I miss you ) indeed. Truly.

Life is beautiful in many ways depends on how you choose to see it.
And through out my life, there are countless wonderful people come into my life and be my partial family relatives. My partials aunts and uncles, and even cousins.

My mum had babysits these two girls since there were 2 months. 
They were one of my precious childhood memories.
Playing mak-mak, cikgu-cikgu, masak-masak and maybe yes, we did play kahwin-kahwin :p
Being the oldest, i remembered being the mak and these kids would be my lovely children.

Weh okay serius lawak bila fikir balik. Biasa lah zaman takde Angry Bird, Temple Run kan.

And at the age of 17 and 15, Tina and Adik still come over for sleep over.
They remind me pretty much of my sister and me.

Talking about each other friend's and we are each other fashion consultant.
" Adik, Nana nampak BOYAN tak pakai selipar ni?" haha. 

Time flies. These little girls are growing up and be a grown up ladies. 
Kalau dulu ajak main gi padang, sekarang ajak lepak Tutti Frutti lah kannnn. 
Kalau dulu ajar colour colour, sekarang ajar nak kira mass of Oxygen- Chemistry.
Padahal aku pun tak ingat mcm mana.

I thank Him for lending you people in my life. I love you sweethearts dearly. ♥
Be a person your parents would be proud of here and Life after, InsyaAllah.
Ohh and one more thing,

Nanti Kak Intan kahwin tolong jadi flower girl eh? 

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