Friday, 25 October 2013

Reflect, message in the pretty bottle.

intan nur hadilah

I like it when I found something new I love to do.
It makes me feels like I get to know myself better. You know? 
And so Im starting to love my forever alone weekend walk.

"Pergi dengan siapa kt situ?"
" Ohh sorang je."
" Ermm is everything okay? Kenapa sorang?"

" Haha. okay je lah. Saja suka."

A time alone to yourself is something that I think everyone should have.
To discover uhh-meh-zing walking-distance places around Galway.

To embrace the beauty,
To observe people around you,
To discover new things.
To reflect.
Deep with thoughts and emotions.
Gratitude and love.

I fell in love more and more with Galway.
Sunday 20th October. | Spanish Arch |

all picture form Iphone 4 JEEEE :p

Its was so amazingly beautiful, every single of it.
And seriously lagi sikit nak menangis time discover the rainbow :')

Analogi nya--

Andai kata kau pergi Art Gallery. Kau pusing, kau hayati semua art kat situ.
Apa yang kau fikir setiap kali kau kagum dengan satu art. Mesti kau akan fikir something like,
" Siapa yang lukis ni? Kagum gila. Smart kot. Apa yang dia nak cuba sampaikan sebenarnya?"

Atau seantara dengan nya lah. Kan?

" Indeed, in the creation of the heaven and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are sign those of understanding." -Quran

" We must study the message behind all His beauty. Because if we do not, we are like the one who finds a message inside a beautifully decorated bottle, yet become so enamoured by the bottle, that you never open the message."

Semua yang kita lihat ni hanya lah reflection.
"Reflection to His Greatness, His majesty, His beauty.
A pointer to His might and His power."

Logik kan?

Biar deep sikit, bukan semata nak post Instagram je. hahaha.

First exam next Tuesday.
Tapi entah kenapa aku rajin sangat lah nak post.
Pre-exam syndrome, memang macam ni. Menyampah i.
Wish me all the best. Doa doa kan ♥

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