Saturday, 16 November 2013

Up and Down.

intan nur hadilah

Had a phase of 'breakdown' fr these past days.
Right after the final exam timetable came out.
And guess what,

out of sudden.

Tak tahu kenapa aku geram sangat.
Maybe because I'm still not prepared to be in that final exam mode.
And of course I'm sad and frustrated that I had to cancel my flight to London to meet Sarah, Azri and Wari.
Just becuase the date is now coincide with the flight ticket.
Its one of the thing that I've been looking forward for the past months.
Our 'reunion' in London. Haihh.
Berkecai hati.

I REALLY need that break.
To meet some familiar faces and people to hang out with.
After adapting to this new life and environments. I just need that, you know.
Plus with the homesick feeling while you're sick.
Teringat how Mama would take care of me when I'm sick :(

So end up I felt like its just too much to digest within a day.
And I was emotionally unpredictable person. Sekejap okay, sekejap tiba-tiba rasa nak nangis.
Kesian AMMR kena face it. Sorryy. haha

Hang in there Intan.
Aren't you that bright, optimistic person? :)


" Being strong is to love someone in silence,
to radiate happiness when we are unhappy,
to forgive someone who does not deserve forgiveness,
to stay calm in moment of despair,
to show jot when we do not feel it,
to smile when we want to cry,
to make someone happy when we our own heart is broken,
to be silent when we feel like screaming our anguish,
to comfort when we need to be comforted,
and to have faith when we longer no believe."

-Riccky Zulkifli

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